Why The Crazy Simple exists?

The goal of The Crazy Simple is to make people’s lives healthier, simpler, more joyful, and more mindful.
You’ll find articles, classes, videos, and more to help you move forward in your life.

Mindfulness is difficult for me–my mind dashes from idea to idea, from distraction to distraction. Like many people, I live in my mind. Once I started intentional and mindful practices, I discovered a strength I didn’t realize I had. Along with that, I try to improve at living intentionally, parenting intentionally. When I do I am happier, less scattered, and feel a bit in the zone.

I hope to share some of these wonderful mindsets, practices, and habits with you.

Can We Just Imagine for a Second...​

…that we are meeting face-to-face and that I’m handing you a sweet little succulent (Insert imaginary touching moment here). I’d love you to share your life journey with me. Let’s build and nurture a kinder, more mindful and united world together.

I'm a writer, educator, & blogger...​

I’ve been alive since bell bottoms and Olivia Newton-John songs were in style. I was a baby but still…after 46 years under my belt I’ve learned a few things. You’ll see evidence of some of my life experiences – like teaching, parenting, and writing – on this blog. But really, I have my (colored!) gray hair to thank for making this blog possible. 🙂
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