A Simple Galentine’s Day Gift (or Valentine’s) 2022
A Simple Galentine’s Day Gift (or Valentine’s) 2022

A Simple Galentine’s Day Gift (or Valentine’s) 2022

When my husband and I moved into our house back in 2007 I was very, very lucky to live across the street from two of the most wonderful women I’ve ever been friends with. Little did I know that one of them would inadvertently teach me a few things about living simply and minimalism.

B and K both had a boy and girl (like me!) and their kids were a few years older than my own. I got to see firsthand some of the growing pains my own kids would go through. That was fantastic but, even better, they were like minded neighbors and strong women.

B was an outstanding businesswoman -still is – and everyone went to her for advice about life. K’s super strength – one of them – is her ability to simplify life. She is crazy efficient and I believe part of the reason is that doesn’t do what many of us do – overcomplicate.

Galentine’s Day Gifts

Soon after meeting her, I started receiving a heart every Galentine’s Day. Sometimes it was large – like something I would hang on a Christmas Tree. More often than not, it was a decorated paper heart, cut out, laminated, with a ribbon attached. Oftentimes there wasn’t even a note attached. If there was, it was small note with a simple message like Happy Valentine’s Day.

There were many things these little Galentine’s Day Gifts were not –




Galentine's Day

But you know what these little hearts were?


I love getting these little hearts in the mail and look forward to them every year. At any given time I usually find one of these hearts somewhere in my house – hanging on my pantry door or stuck between the pages of a book.

The fact that K spent time to send a little hello my way around Valentine’s Day makes it especially sweet. In today’s world where I mostly get bills and advertisements in the mail, a little token of friendship is especially considerate.

I’m hoping to spread a bit of this magic. You’ll find free downloadable hearts and bookmarks that you can send to your friends. Put a note on the back, add the date or some ribbon, decorate the envelope a bit…or don’t. Remember, keep it simple.

However your friends get these, they will feel loved.