You CAN Do This: Start your Mindfulness Practice NOW

Mindfulness is a big thing these days – it seems to pop up everywhere. From apps on your phone to articles in the latest parenting magazines to mindfulness classes offered at the yoga studio. (And hey, it’s showing up here, in these 1 minute mindfulness activities!)

Mindfulness is a big thing for a reason – research has shown that being more mindful can:

Improve our ability to concentrate,

Make our immune system work better,

And increase our life span. (Yes, you read that last one right.)

It’s sort of like a magical elixir for life. 🙂

1 minute mindfulness

Even though you know that practicing mindfulness is good, there are plenty of reasons why you don’t have a mindfulness practice.



Know How.

As with anything, there are plenty of excuses not to practice mindfulness.

That’s where these printables come in. I made them so that you can get in mindfulness in short, 1 minute-or-less bite-sized portions.

The posters tell you exactly what to do. And they’re simple – so simple.

I’ve made fun, colorful ones you can post on your bathroom mirror or frame for your wall. You can put them in a journal or use them as a screensaver. If you want, you can send them to friends as a sweet reminder for them to take care of themselves. 🙂

Yes, But Mindfulness is So Serious and Boring

I know why you think that. The term mindfulness sometimes conjures up images that convey all sorts of seriousness like this:

Mindfulness in a Beautiful Yoga Studio with Candles & Perfect Abs

1 minute mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness on Top of a Rock (Because We All do This, Right?!)

1 minute mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness in a Perfect Position

1 minute mindfulness exercises

What Mindfulness Is

But at its’ core, mindfulness is simply paying attention. You don’t have to close your eyes or sit perfectly upright. Although you can.

In fact, there are so many ways to practice mindfulness that I guarantee you can find a few ways that feel good to you.

Mindfulness makes life better, more colorful, more full – in a good way. It’s not all seriousness; I promise!

1 minute mindfulness activities printables

I want everyone to see how easy practicing mindfulness is!

That’s why I created the Mindful Minute Challenge. Each mindfulness-based challenge is 1 minute or less! They are easy and fast but effective. And you’ll have new mindfulness practices that you can turn to whenever you want.

Use this challenge and the free kit to add mindful minutes to your day. It’s my hope that after practicing mindfulness daily, you’ll start to notice even more opportunities to grow your mindfulness practice.


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